JEDI and JUMANJI Dominate the Holiday Season

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Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, and Karen Gillan in JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. Courtesy Sony.


The Christmas holidays proceeded more or less along expectations, though the negative rumblings among STAR WARS fans over THE LAST JEDI took a greater toll than expected. The Disney feature plunged 69% in weekend 2, followed by a more manageable 26% drop in weekend 3. While no one’s idea of a flop, the film has proven more divisive than expected, with fans overall holding the picture in lower regard than critics.

Sony’s JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE more than held its own against the Lucasfilm juggernaut, grossing $169.6 million after only two weeks. Overcoming largely negative reviews, PITCH PERFECT 3 still trails its predecessors, but the movie’s $63.3 million total to date is reasonable, considering its relatively low $45 million cost. Still, unless foreign and ancillaries come through in a big way, it’s tough to image a fourth installment. Also enduring the wrath of critics, THE GREATEST SHOWMAN landed in fourth with $49.1 million to date. This is better than expected, but still a long way from profit.

The three other wide Christmas releases had less success. Finishing off a terrible year for Paramount, DOWNSIZING crashed and burned with $17.2 million after 14 days. That’s only one quarter of its production costs. Sony’s ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD received a great deal of publicity following the last minute decision to remove Kevin Spacey from the picture in favor of quickie reshoots with Christopher Plummer. However, that news was not enough to sell many tickets. The Ridley Scott feature made only $12.7 million in its first week. Landing hardest, however, was Warner’s gross out comedy FATHER FIGURES, with only $12.9 million after two weeks.

On the specialty front, Focus’ DARKEST HOUR continues along with $18 million after six weeks of release. Oscar buzz for star Gary Oldman should keep it in theatres at least until the end of January. Guillermo Del Toro’s THE SHAPE OF WATER is performing similarly, netting $15.7 million after five weeks.


Data courtesy Box Office Mojo.

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