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The success of Patty Jenkins’ WONDER WOMAN has raised awareness of the viability of female directors in a business that has been an old boys’ club ever since its inception. However, if you have any sense of Hollywood history, you know that female directors have made some incredible films. Hell, WONDER WOMAN isn’t even the […]

We have already looked at the first two thirds of the hot weather lineup in the previous two Summer Blockbuster posts. August is traditionally the time when major releases start to slow down, but there are still a number of big pictures on the horizon for you and the family. August 4: THE DARK TOWER […]

Universal’s Dark Universe got off to a disappointing start with THE MUMMY, which managed only $32.2 million, $25 million behind the second weekend of WONDER WOMAN. The Tom Cruise action/horror film did better internationally (which is typical for the star), but Universal really needed a more enthusiastic reception for the introductory vehicle to their monster […]

Last time out, we looked at some of the notable features debuting this June. Looking a bit further into the season, here is what you have to look forward to on your local screens in July… July 7: SPIDER-MAN: THE HOMECOMING After bungling the last three Spider-man movies, Sony has started collaborating directly with Marvel […]

Summer seems to start earlier and earlier…at least when it comes to the blockbuster season. We’re traditionalists, however, so we don’t count what comes before June. WONDER WOMAN opened June 2nd and did very well, but it is far from the only big movie this month. Here is a look at some of the most […]

Warner/DC’s WONDER WOMAN standalone feature made a spectacular debut over the weekend, grossing just over $100 million domestically, well ahead of expectations. Anticipation had been building for some time and peaked during the days before opening. Very positive critical response no doubt also contributed. Foreign box office added an additional $148 million, making this a […]

The Memorial Day weekend is traditionally one of the busiest of the year, but if 2017 is any indication, the studios will have to revamp their strategies if they want that to continue. Case in point: the new PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (subtitled DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES domestically and SALAZAR’S REVENGE in some overseas […]

The latest installment of the ALIEN series opened domestically over the weekend and creator Ridley Scott has made it known that he is aiming for a franchise in line with the size and scope of the STAR WARS series. That is a tall order, not least of which is the fact that the ALIEN movies’ […]

Warner Brothers’ $175 million KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD has been something of a question mark in the run-up to its release. There were fears that the picture could not provide the sort of revenue to kick off the multi-film franchise the studio had planned. Estimates for the opening weekend continued to drop, with […]

Marvel/Disney’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, VOL. 2 was the runaway winner in this week’s box office standings, bringing in $145 million domestic and a cumulative total of $425 million worldwide. There was one sour note: 150 drive-ins in the United States refused to book the movie in protest over Disney’s demands for a higher ticket […]