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According to the president Switzerland will not consider an automatic information exchange with the European Union tax authorities. Now Switzerland and Austria is undergoing lot of pressure to dump bank secrecy. This has happened after Luxembourg wished to reveal information on EU depositors from the year 2015. The EU wishes to establish this as a […]

If you just have seen the headline above and are left wondering how someone can get a lawyer to press for charges like that, then let us clear that up quickly by saying that it probably will be the woman who would most likely be filing the charges herself. Once it does reach the courts, […]

Back from Venice on-board the cruise ship “MCS Divine,” Silvio Berlusconi now faces the possibility of running again on the upcoming elections in Italy. When asked about this, Berlusconi said that it depends on the conditions and the “electoral law.” Berlusconi emphasized that it is necessary to give the country a” guide that is actually such, […]

The assumption of Peña, scheduled for December 1, imply the return to power of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) which ruled Mexico for 71 years until 2000, often amid accusations of corruption and authoritarianism. The Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) on Thursday rejected a request from former leftist candidate Andres […]

Members of the punk-rock band Pussy Riot would flee after the conviction of the other three members in prison for the protest held in the cathedral in Moscow. Two members of the Russian band would leave Russia after the other members were held for contempt of religion. The news was made through the band’s Twitter […]

A senior member of the radical Islamic network, Badruddin Haqqani, died following a US drone attack in Pakistan, according to the Afghan intelligence service. In the past week, Haqqani had been in the Pakistani tribal area in North Waziristan. Pakistani intelligence officials said on Saturday that the leader of the rebel group could be among […]

The British government has criticized Ecuador’s decision to give asylum to Julian Assange. Foreign Minister William Hague has held that there are no legal grounds to grant him a pass. In line with what he had said in a statement in the Foreign Office, Hague insisted that the legal obligation of the United Kingdom is to […]

Republican candidate for the US Elections has chosen Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate, according to reports from several media groups in the US. Romney is expected to announce today his partner for the November elections during a ceremony at the Naval Base in Norfolk, Virginia. However, his campaign manager has already confirmed the […]

Russian President Vladimir Putin was angered after a monk tried to kiss his hand on his official visit at the Monastery of Transfiguration in Valaam. Putin’s visit to Northern Russia was not without incident. In the formal greeting to those present, one of the Orthodox monks in the Monastery of Transfiguration bowed to kiss the […]

The UN Security Council called for a special session after a massacre in a power plant in Syria left 16 people dead, most of whom are Christians and Alawites. According to the opposition, human rights observers were killed in the attack on Tuesday. Armed men broke into an apartment complex in Dschandar near the rebel […]