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Are you worried every time you open your most recent monthly bank statement that you got hit with more fees this month? Are you getting tired of forking over all that money to your bank just to do business with them? In this article, I will talk about ways you can prevent most of these […]

2 important developments in modern computing took place in 1969 at Bell Labs, a part of AT&T. A team established the UNIX operating system, and the C programming language. The 2 incorporated are the foundations of modern use. Unix was developed in such a way to be implemented both on servers, as well as computers […]

Researchers at Keio College’s Graduate School of Media Design in Japan, who concentrate on engineering and study design have actually built a robot that is strangely reminiscent of the characters in the movie Avatar. According to the AFP Newswire, (via Channelnewsasia) the robot is linked to a person who is not only able to manage […]

There are many meanings of exactly what is called ‘medical technology.’ Formally, it is called healthcare products (devices, equipments as well as consumables / materials) that are implied by its producer to be utilized specifically for investigating and/or therapeutic purposes. A new report, labelled ‘Top 10 Health Technology Hazards’ and published by the ECRI Institute, […]

E-mail file encryption is a term that refers to the encryption and authentication of e-mail, or e-mail. The most usual e-mail file encryption is designed to rely on what is called public key cryptography. There are several popular protocols that are used to secure e-mail, the most significant of which are mail session encryption, certificate […]

There are memorable events that occur throughout our lives that later, we will end up wishing we had on tape. Photographs are no more the liked method of saving memories, providing a method to cameras instead. As even more technological advances are made, there are bigger and much better camera in the marketplace readily available […]

Building a robot is one of the most exciting, hands on, scientific activities that a child or teenager can be associated with. Robot building kits have actually escalated in popularity in middle school and senior high school class, however many of these kits can be assembled at home just as quickly. Do not let yourself […]

If a large application is developed today, what would be the very best computer platform to make use of for the setup? Remarkably, there are not much selections regardless of the advances in computer technology. The very best choice, nevertheless, depends upon a number of factors, not all of which are simple to determine. These […]

The word cryptography may not ring a bell with a person who has only rudimentary knowledge of Information Technology. But unknowingly, he/she enjoys the advantages that it provides every day. Cryptography is akin to the Holy Grail, for those who deal in the enterprise of protecting information using Information Technology. Initially, it was only employed […]

Linux is a free and open source operating system that can be mounted on many different computer hardware platforms. Linux is widely used around the world. Here is a background on the Linux operating system. Linux is an operating system that’s very similar to the UNIX operating system. Linux is free and open source. Its […]