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The importance of communication for the development of any country is well known. Its basically communication that helps in progress and prosperity. Machines increasingly communicate between themselves and with people around and mobile devices allow around the world inter connectivity. Computers also play a key role in communication enhancement. When we look at this era […]

      China – According to China Labor Watch, at least three of Pegatron’s factories are in violation of numerous international and Chinese laws and standards.   Pegatron is one of Apple’s biggest suppliers. Among the allegations being thrown are underage labor, contract violations, and excessive working hours. Apple and Pegatron released a statement […]

First of all, before we judge what exactly are the views of people on the services provided by Google Analytics, it is much preferable to understand the detailed version of its services itself. It is actually a technical website which generates statistics of the users’ mentioned websites both free of cost and also has a […]

Tumblr inc. was founded in 2007. It is a micro blogging site where you can post photos, quotes, links, and blogs. You can also follow topics of your interest. It has grown rapidly since inception and today it boasts 107.9 million blogs and 50. All Things Digital reports that Yahoo! One of the first ever […]

Do you know about an app that can track happiness with user’s mood?  Researchers at Cambridge University have developed an app that collects information by the emotions of the users. The environment in which the user is present as well as the source of communication is easily detected by this extraordinary app. The app makes […]

A tablet tailored for women, the “ePad Femme” has been manufactured by Dubai-based company, Eurostar. And they like it to be called it the world’s first tablet exclusive for the women. There is nothing significant to look at the specifications department. The tablet doesn’t feature high-end specs to perform super-multitasking purposes. The main engine is […]

With all of the talk of money, and technology one can easily get lost in the fame an glam. But what about this lawsuit that apples has come under fire? Is this another attempt to take a little more money from one of the ‘big’ guys in the industry? When you get a bunch of […]

Bringing home an iPad is in itself a wonderful feeling and if you have not really used a tablet before, then the first few days can be pretty fun-filled and exciting. But along with all those loads of features and portability comes the risk of damage and scratches. A lovely and sturdy iPad case can […]

With new business and more of the established ones now turning to the supply and demand chain, there is a greater need than ever before for employees of a company to be on the road. Here are 7 simple yet effective management tips that will help the company with efficient management of staff while they […]