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Sony’s unstoppable JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE resumed the #1 spot over the sluggish Super Bowl weekend. Adding another $11 million for a $350 million domestic total ($855 million worldwide with Japan still to go), the movie is now the company’s third highest grossing movie ever. Speaking of word-of-mouth hits, THE GREATEST SHOWMAN continued to […]

    JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE retained the number slot this weekend. STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI may be the leader of the Christmas pack, but Sony’s JUMANJI reboot has been the real surprise, finding favor with both critics and audiences, and likely starting a new franchise for the studio. The picture also just […]

  The Christmas holidays proceeded more or less along expectations, though the negative rumblings among STAR WARS fans over THE LAST JEDI took a greater toll than expected. The Disney feature plunged 69% in weekend 2, followed by a more manageable 26% drop in weekend 3. While no one’s idea of a flop, the film […]

It was an open question as to how BLADE RUNNER 2049 would do. Arriving 35 years after its groundbreaking forerunner, could the $150 million sequel capture the public imagination in the way that Ridley Scott’s original has become one of the most celebrated science fiction movies ever made? There was plenty of buzz and critics […]

August has traditionally been the slowest month of the summer movie season, though that has changed in recent years. Big hits like the original GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and SUICIDE SQUAD aimed to make the latter half of summer just as competitive as June and July. That was clearly what Sony was hoping for with […]

Rotten Tomatoes, the aggregate review site, has been around for years, but it has been in the press quite a bit these past few months. The major studios have been increasingly vocal with their feeling that bad reviews are severely impacting box office. While a bad review from one critic is usually nothing to get […]

WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES, the latest saga in Fox’s rebooted Apes franchise, finished first this weekend with $56 million. That certainly does not sound like a bad start, however, it is down about $16 million from the previous installment. Internationally, the film added another $46 million and still has several major markets […]

Going into the weekend, the new SPIDER-MAN movie was still something of a question mark. It represents the third time this series has been rebooted in only 15 years; would audiences respond favorably? Sony is now working directly with Marvel and that allowed this SPIDER-MAN to be connected into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, meaning appearances […]

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