The Secret Of Unix

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Linux is a free and open source operating system that can be mounted on many different computer hardware platforms. Linux is widely used around the world. Here is a background on the Linux operating system.

Linux is an operating system that’s very similar to the UNIX operating system. Linux is free and open source. Its source code can be changed and redistributed. Linux is available on many different computer hardware platforms such as desktop computers, supercomputers, mainframes, and even mobile phones.

Taking advantage of the open source movement, however, can often be best achieved with an alternate operating system as well, not to speak that Linux, Unix, and BSD operating systems are themselves open source. While there are many options available for the Windows O/S platforms, many open source enthusiasts prefer to work in collaboration with a Linux desktop distribution, or ‘distro’. In the past, those just venturing into the world of Linux ― or Unix, or BSD―utilized a ‘dual boot’ setup so that they could keep their tried and true Microsoft operating system while being able to experiment with a new desktop environment.


In 1991, Linus Torvalds created the first version of Linux. He announced his product on an online newsgroup. Torvalds stated that it was no more than a hobby. Linux has grown by leaps and bounds since then.

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The Linux kernel is the component of the Linux operating system that bridges the software to the hardware. It is the communication layer between software applications and the computer’s resources.

The Best Part Of Unix

A Linux distribution is an operating system that is built on the Linux kernel. It is a version of the Linux operating system that targets particular platforms for specific purposes. RedHat and CentOS are two popular Linux distributions.

Less than one percent of the desktop computers run the Linux operating system. But that shouldn’t be a referendum on the serviceability of Linux. Linux is more than capable, for most home users. Linux may be less popular than other operating systems because it requires some technical savvy to install and use. Nonetheless, you’ll find some mainstream distributions of Linux. Some Dell computers come preinstalled with the Ubuntu Linux distribution.

It is easy to try Linux. The Ubuntu Linux distribution offers three ways to try Linux on your home desktop computer, for example. You can download and install Ubuntu onto your desktop. If you don’t want to affect your current system, you can download Ubuntu onto a USB stick or CD and run it from there. This allows you to try out Ubuntu without installing it onto your computer. Finally, you can install Ubuntu as a Windows application. In other words, you can run Ubuntu from within Windows. You can install/uninstall it just like any Windows application. Ubuntu Linux is just one distribution. There are other Linux distributions that have similar installation options.

Linux is a free and open source operating system that is similar to UNIX. It is a powerful operating system that is available on a wide range of platforms. Linux takes a little time to learn but costs nothing to try. Give Linux a look and see what you’re missing.


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