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Researchers at Keio College’s Graduate School of Media Design in Japan, who concentrate on engineering and study design have actually built a robot that is strangely reminiscent of the characters in the movie Avatar. According to the AFP Newswire, (via Channelnewsasia) the robot is linked to a person who is not only able to manage the robot from another location, however, can also see, hear and feel information coming to them from the robot, who is currently called Telesar V.

According to Wired publication, the operator uses a helmet fitted with small screens in front of the eyes to permit them to see what the electronic cameras affixed to the eye positions of the robot are pointing at. Built in headphones allow the operator to hear exactly what the robot hears and special gloves with sensors developed in, to allow the operator to actually feel exactly what the robot feels. And it works in reverse also. To turn the robot’s head, for instance, the operator need just turns his or hers; likewise to walk the operator need only start walking, or to move its legs and arms, to do also with their own. Basically, the robot’s actions simulate those of the operator. Those interested can see a video of Telesar V in action.

Rationale the researchers say, in a meeting with the AFP, is enable a human being to experience as fully as possible, a separated, remote environment. The most immediate use of such a robot would obviously be to go into areas that are too harmful for individuals, such as an atomic power plant that is having troubles. Aiming to the future, nevertheless, it appears possible that NASA might want to one day send out such a robot to a far off planet, rather than a human being since it would cost significantly less, while still affording those who wear the operator suit, some degree of the very same experience they would have had they traveled there rather.

Can you believe this!

A robot is basically defined as an electronic apparatus developed to do the work of a human being. In intricacy and design robot kits range from the mildly diverting (I keep in mind a robot we had at school, means back in the past, that drew lines on little bits of paper with a pencil) to the astonishing– like the Japanese TOPIO robot, a human sized, human shaped equipment capable of playing table tennis with a human opponent.

Digging Deeper into Robot

One of the key components of the new system is the gloves, as most of the rest of the technology is but a collection of those that currently exist, stuffed together in one package. Each has several thousand sensors in it that collect different kinds of sensory data sent out from the ‘hands’ of the robot. This makes it possible for the operator to determine different textures for instance, or to feel distinctions in heat, and even pressure. According to researchers in the meeting, using the gloves makes them seem like they have actually become a part of the robot, or vice-versa. Once once again, echoes of Avatar occur, and that might or might not be a good idea.


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